In September 2022, the world wild fly fishing championship was held in my homeland, Asturias. As an angler and a great fishing lover, I was delighted to have such a big event to near and to be able to see the best anglers and competitors in the world in action. Many of them had been for years and continue to be today my great references. In addition, it was a unique opportunity for Asturias to make its rivers, fishs, landscapes and culture known to the rest of the world.
Being a person who doesn’t share all the values of the competition, I found myself faced with the not small challenge of guiding the best team in the world. And I accepted it. Although other teams were also interested, I made the decision to dedicate myself exclusively to accompany this great team and try to do my best.
Sharing that training time with these great sportmen and people, one week in July and another before the championship, was an incredible experience.
The championship ended with exceptional results, getting the gold medal in individual and silver in teams, far away from third place and with a minimum difference with the gold medal, which was decided on the last day, being the team with the highest number of fish and with 4 fishermen among the top 8 in the general classification.
I cannot be prouder to have been part of this experience.
I dedicate this video to the great human team. Thanks to the unconditional trust you showed from the very beginning. Thanks to Thierry Lelievre for your work as manager, Sebastien Delcor as captain, Pierre Kuntz, Sebastien Vidal, Julien Daguillanes, Gregoire Juglaret, Emilio Sant-Aman and, of course, Robert Escaffre

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  1. Simplement bravo pour cette super vidéo qui nous transporte directement sur le vif de la compétition! Bravo aux compétiteurs qui volent sur les galets par tous les temps pour faire valider leurs prises. Quel bonheur que de voir cet esprit d'équipe de France, qui ne lâche jamais rien jusqu'à la fin..!

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