After France went into this match as favourites, Ireland’s breakdown dominance launched them into action; with Jack Crowley coming of age to announce himself as Johnny Sexton’s successor too! After a dominant performance, what did Ireland do right and what did France mess up? Watch this video to find out!

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Jamison Gibson-Park’s Try
2:56 – Tadgh Beirne’s Try
4:43 – Paul Willemse’s Discipline
6:36 – Damian Penaud’s Try
7:18 – Ad Break
7:19 – Half-Time Stats Review
10:03 – Calvin Nash’s Try
11:13 – Ireland’s Maul Dominance
11:53 – Full-Time Stats Review
15:32 – Final Thoughts & Conclusion

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  2. Think people are making a way bigger deal of the NZ loss than it was, NZ put in their best performance of the WC and arguably the best of the WC cycle along with the SA game at Mt Smart to beat them by less than a score.

    Ireland were about 2 inches from winning that game with Kelleher being held up over the line. Had they won that game they could easily have gone all the way and won the WC.

  3. One thing I remember saying at half time while watching this is that France not taking the 3 points each time Ireland gave away a penalty was going to lose them the match – they turned down at least 3-4 kickable penalties in the first half for going for the corner, and managed to convert none of those attacks (I think. The Penaud try might have been off of one of those). Given that Ramos had brought his kicking boots, they effectively turned down a near-guaranteed 9 points (and possibly more as the tension from those penalties could have rattled Ireland) in the first half. Their refusal to take the points offered is what lost them the match, I feel.

  4. I think if we had Johny, the score would have been ridiculous. Crawley had a bad game and made some terrible decisions. Silly kicking choices, poor handling and missing opportunities.
    I put it down to nerves but hes been around a while now ans should be performing on the big stage.
    I can only hope with more game time he will settle and become more reliable.

  5. Max where do you get your stats from? The turnover stats doe snot take into consideration knock-ons, line outs, or interceptions. I think Ireland had 14 for the game, and Italy had 4. A more coprhensive view on overall ball retention, and ruck spead would be nive for your next reviews mate. Thanki you for the good work.

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