Scotland 16-20 France | Full-time scenes after dramatic finish!

Full-time scenes at Murrayfield after France snatch victory from Scotland who led for so so long and who thought they’d won with a late try but it wasn’t given!

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40 comentarios

  1. One of the greatest robbery I've ever seen in my life!
    I also disliked the way that the French staff and players celebrated the final decision: in past times they would have gone to the ref and said it the try was to be awarded.
    Too bad rugby is quickly becoming football's junior brother ☹

  2. Gael Fickou is a selfish bastard!! On two occasions he could've given the ball to outside support who was next to him and open…. he's just not giving the ball out. He wants fame himself. He's not concerned about his fellow teammates!! He wants the spotlight!! Get rid of him!! He caused serious and valuable points to be missed!! If you don't believe his selfishness… keep watching him every game…. you'll see for yourself!!

  3. I read from my fellow countrymates that France did not deserve a win. – true – That was a poor game of rugby – especially the second half. But Scotland have done nothing to secure their win.. So I don't feel they deserve it either. Ref decision was right to call for TMO -and based on video evidence they were also right not to award a try. sounds cruel but it is the first time this happens…

  4. We Scots have a long record of not producing world class referees and match officials. The calibre of refs and officials we see reffing our games makes me wonder how difficult it can be to get those gigs. Scotland s 2 games so far in the 6 nations been poorly officiated. End of story.

  5. As a french, I'm so sorry for you Scottish guys. Most of french people love panache and hate winning this way, for us the manner is as important as the victory. Scotland deserved the win by far. French game was a pure mess. Players look lost on the field. This result isn't even good for France, because Galthié is going to use it as an excuse, like for the red card against Ireland. Scottish rugby has always had a lot of french fans. I think both teams have always been brothers regarding the creativity they bring. Scottish rugby is improving more and more, this is going to pay soon. Hold on.

  6. It has to be Clear and Obvious guys we could not see it on the line. Realistically it WAS a try but referee didn't it, on field decision was no try and you cant tell from TMO. This happens regularly its just shit that it now happened in six nations during last play of the game. TLDR play better

  7. Everyone watching knows it was a try. Rugby has become a laughing stock when a TMO says yes Nick, ball is grounded, let me have another look … well can't see every blade of grass and my lunch is ready and my best mate Pierre says the ball clearly videoed on the ground over the try line might not be a try, given the shadow of Mars cast through the moon … no … no evidence that the ball on the ground under a Scottish chest is on the ground … eh … let me look at this ball on the ground again … could be on top of and ant, or maybe a leaf … can't quite disprove that … must be worms under the soil of Murrayfield so I am going to say the ball you can see grounded is not evidence of a grounded ball and therefore no try. I would recommend the TMO and ref look to becoming Tory MPs as they are just as honest and just as intelligent.

  8. At least 2 scottish players are outside when Russell steal the ball at the French player Le Garrec at the 79' (one of them even stops a French without ball). The TMO should have reviewed this action instead of the potential try.

  9. The rule is that the referee clearly states that he did not see the try. He then asks the TMO if he has images that contradict this judgment. The TMO answers in the negative. So the case is over and the try is not granted. That’s just the rule.

  10. Dreadful decision. The TMO stated on live TV 'Nic, the ball is on the ground'. So, a try. Then for some inexplicable reason he changed his mind after asking again to see the same footage he used to decide that the ball had been grounded. It’s either incompetence or something worse.

  11. from an Irish man Jesus stop crying people

    here's 2 things i want you to think about

    1 Scotland only scored 3 points from 29-79 Minutes you don't deserve to win a game of Rugby only scoring 3 points over a 50 minute period

    2 the Ref called onfield decision no Try because of how tight the angle was it then goes to TMO and if TMO determines there is no clear grounding the on field decision stands so the Ref made the correct decision here whining about getting " Robbed " will change nothing

    calling for the Referee to get fired is laughably sour grapes

    summary you don't get to whine about 1 decision on the field when you only scored 3 points over a 50 minute period of the game

    and btw 10 of those Minutes Scotland had a man advantage and still couldn't make it count

  12. I think its a try for Scotland in the end but in the first half we had a high tackle on Fickou by the last scotland defenders. It should be a penalty try with a yellow card.
    Scotland should played better against a french team who are not in great form.

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