A frustrated Gregor Townsend after Scotland’s defeat to France

🗣 «We’re celebrating in the box because we can hear the TMO saying the ball was on the ground. We can see the ball on the ground.»

🗣 «You’ve got to play better than the referee refs or than the TMO decides.»

A visibly frustrated Gregor Townsend.

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43 comentarios

  1. Bigger complaint was the regular and repeated penalties France gave away on their own line the end of the first half, including a shoulder charge on the line, and no penalty try was awarded. Not even a warning to the French team. Obviously it is up to the discretion of the referee, but generally when a team give away 2 or 3 penalties away defending their try line, you get warned to drop that or the next will be a penalty try. Otherwise defending teams would just keep fouling in defence until the attackers accept a penalty kick.

    The TMO decision just rubbed salt in the wounds of Scotland giving the game away.

    Scotland did mess around in the 2nd half and should not have played that kicking game. Hindsight and all that. So, many people will remind Scottish fans of that… but still stands, the ref and TMO made a mess of the call at the end. But, it is crap we have to live with and all part and parcel of the game. The laws, and rightly named, always seem to be open to personal interpretation and very situational.

    I felt the ref was too quick to whistle held up and never properly checked if it was. He was on the wrong side to see clearly. In the old days he would have screamed at them to stop moving then review and even slowly remove players until they could be clear. Instead, he did the lazy modern thing and relied on TMO to try and clearly prove him wrong… which is always going to be an uphill battle. The ball was grounded, the ref and TMO agreed on that if you listen back to it… until suddenly deciding a blocked view suggested it wasn't. All that should have been looked at after that point of seeing it was grounded was when the grounding occurred – if it was before or after the ref whistled to call the decision. The only thing that could have been under the ball at that point was a hand, and a hand on its own rarely stops and egg shaped ball from being grounded. unless its clearly tied up, which it wasn't.

    Very difficult to handle a situation like that, but I strongly suspect before TMO a ref would have used to old logic of the ball has to have been CLEARLY held up after the whistle has been blown. Like an attacking player rolled on their back and ball tied up or a defending player has ripped it away or has control of it. A lower leg does not really conclusively tie up a ball, as shown in this instance.

    TLDR: Scotland gave the game away… but also got screwed by lady luck when they needed it. But, you can't rely on luck to pull you out of your own mess to win games.

  2. Refs Training training needs to be reviewed. Does their training include scenarios like this, with one ref in the car park and the other in a stadium environment? I would have a number of tapes from real games that they practice communicating and deciding. In this case the officials correctly identified the ball was grounded, but the main ref was hesitant about making the decision and the TMO let this poor decision be made.

  3. I've mixed feelings on this game, I expected a fast frantic game you'd normally associate with both these teams which we never really got, but ultimately felt Scotland deserved the win, but I cant for the life of me understand why Scotland have this bad habit of going into a defensive mode once they take the lead, they should've pushed on especially when they had the opposition rattled like that.

  4. I didn’t see a ball being grounded at any stage of the review process.
    Ref didn’t see it grounded at the time, the video didn’t conclusively show the ball on the ground on or over the line, ergo it’s no try.
    Baffles me how people who actually watch rugby can’t process this.
    Unlucky the evidence want there perhaps, but the correct call was made in the end.

  5. In the TMO Protocol the phrase used to allow an on field "No try" to be overturned, is "clear and obvious" which is not the same as the "clear evidence" phrase the commentators and Nigel Owens were saying; the TMO doesn't have to see the ball actually on the ground, only that it's beyond reasonable doubt it made contact.
    Personally I think RL have a better process in this situation, once referred to the TMO it is their decision alone so the referee does not have to backtrack on their original call.

  6. Genuinely poor decision. Why is the referees decision so important? Why is it more important than 4 minutes of slow motion replays? Most pundits were saying that they were 90% sure that Scotland scored. THERE YOU GO THEN – IT’S THE BETTER DECISION.

    (Not Scottish).

  7. If i were a Scot I would be livid the try was disallowed but I would also be furious with Scotland for kicking away so much good possession and not playing rugby. Finn Messi-Russell needs a serious reality check for allowing his team to become to disengaged two weeks in a row.

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