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  1. Willemse said to his teammates before the match 'I'm going to show you how we do it back home in South Africa. We break the Irish players' necks and then we walk all over them". He almost got it right. The only difference is players like Etzebeth & Kolisi don't get red carded.

  2. Aldritt's moaning after Willemse's second yellow is pretty childish – "how are we meant to tackle," "it is impossible to tackle" – As Rassie said recently, safe tackling is possible but players need to own up to it and learn to change their technique instead of looking for excuses

  3. well played the Irish nothing to say your team is just monstrous on our side by cons it’s a disaster our back we were invisible our forwards too just sometimes catastrophic willemse must no longer put back the blue jersey, our invisible hinge, danty and fickou direction the retirement home must bring new and intensity and finally Galthié should perhaps question this because the game of dispossession is outdated in short bravo Ireland and anyway you will make the grand slam so good luck

  4. Tadhg Byrnes try, the delayed disguised short pass by Crowley was brilliant. At the time i thought it was just awful defending because i didnt actually see the pass live, i think everyones eyes (including mine) had moved away from Byrne thinking he had overrun and would not receive the ball, also Byrnes inward running angle opened a massive gap outside him where Lowe and Henshaw had looped around and looked like the main attacking threat, that half second pass delay and the widening gap outside forced Danty to take a half step out, Crowleys quick look back to James Lowe, it looked like Byrne had already run ahead of Crowley and the defenders were just shifting their focus across to the second line when the almost sleight-of-hand pass was suddenly in Byrnes hands and he has was galloping free. Worth re-watching the subtle elements of that pass again. That try involved so much more than what i saw live. Kind of sums up Irelands attack, never quite sure where the ball is going, options all over the place and defenders end up slightly out of position, attackers tend to get hit with soft shoulders allowing them to get over the gain line nearly every time.

  5. Francia en horas bajas, fue totalmente vencida por una Irlanda crecida sobre todo en los
    "Mauls". Irlanda muy despierta ganó a una Francia, quizás despistada, durante bastantes minutos.
    Bueno, Seis Naciones 2024, no ha hecho más que empezar, veremos las evoluciones de los equipos.
    Muchas gracias, Guinness Six Nations !!
    Rafa desde España

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