Tunisia v Algeria | FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 Final | Match Highlights

Algeria overcame Tunisia in the FIFA Arab Cup final to be crowned champions after Amir Sayoud and Yacine Brahimi both scored in extra-time following a goalless 90 minutes.

شاهد ملخص مباراة تونس والجزائر في نهائي كأس العرب 2021
تشهد كأس العرب 2021 مشاركة 16 منتخباً من كافة أرجاء العالم العربي تتنافس من أجل الفوز باللقب الثمين، وتمثل هذه البطولة
فرصة رائعة للمتنافسين والجماهير من أجل التعرف على روح دولة قطر ومشاهدة الملاعب الرائعة التي سوف تستضيف نهائيات كأس

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  1. As the FIFA Arab Cup comes to a close, we want to know:
    🤩 Who has been your player of the tournament at the FIFA Arab Cup?
    🏟 Which FIFA Arab Cup game has been your favourite?
    🚀 What has been the best goal at the FIFA Arab Cup?
    Tell us below 👇

    بعد ختام بطولة رائعة، شارك في الحوار معنا:
    1- من كان برأيك أفضل لاعب في البطولة؟
    2- ما هي المباراة المفضلة بالنسبة لك؟
    3- ما هو أجمل هدف في كأس العرب؟
    شارك معنا برأيك أدناه

  2. Algeria 🇩🇿
    FIFA Arab Cup 2021

    Group stage
    🇩🇿 Algeria 4-0 Sudan 🇸🇩 (W)
    🇱🇧 Lebanon 0-2 Algeria 🇩🇿 (W)
    🇩🇿 Algeria 1-1 Egypt 🇪🇬 (D)

    🇲🇦 Morocco 2-2 (3-5p) Algeria 🇩🇿 (D)

    🇶🇦 Qatar 1-2 Algeria 🇩🇿 (W)

    🇹🇳 Tunisia 0-2 Algeria 🇩🇿 (W)

  3. these teams really played with 80 % players from their first team and Morocco played only with 7 % players of their first team and the rest is from the second team lol. just look at how far Morocco got into the world cup and how far these teams got haha

  4. Dear FIFA.

    To give the major competitions more meaningful, how about the Champions of major continental competition will automatically qualify them to the world cup.
    Uefa European Championship
    Conmebol Copa America
    Concacaf Gold Cup
    Fifa Arab Cup
    Afc Asian Cup
    CAF African Championship

  5. Anyone else for a Middle Eastern/North African National Football Confederation? I feel like it just makes sense. Although nations from Iran and more East can opt to stay in AFC. 4 slots plus 1 intercontinental game can be given to them.

  6. It's a shame that my country didn't qualify again for the 2022 world cup. We are one of the most passionate football countries and we deserve to show the world what we are capable of. We need to win afcon 2023 so that the world can recognize us again as the best football team in Africa.

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