What has gone wrong at Lyon?

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Lyon have won Ligue 1 seven times. They used to hold a monopoly over French football until PSG emerged in the 2010s. They are a giant of a club.

But 10 games into the 2023/24 season they are rock bottom of the league having not won a single match.

What on earth has happened to Olympique Lyonnais?

Seb Stafford-Bloor explains. Marco Bevilacqua illustrates.

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35 comentarios

  1. It has to be noted that Lyon was already a sinking club just slower. The factors mentionned in this video just made it spectacular.
    It's a club that were once a pioneer i the modern football era.
    It's one of a first club that had people whosejob were taking care of foreign players, to help them adapt in their new country.
    Unfortunately they were too complacent. We are france too club. That's how we became the best so we are not going to change anything. But football changed from 2000 to 2020.

  2. John Textor is doing a great job with Botafogo so far. Paid a lot of the club's debts and we're serious contenders for the title (flirting with the biggest bottlejob in history) for the first time in 28 years. In less than 2 years, he totally reshaped the club's structure and finances and we as fans, can be disappointed with the result at the end of the season, but it's more than clear that Botafogo is in another path right now.

  3. The club will declare a bankrupcy soon, and that usually means an end for a football club. New club will probably have a new name FC Lyonnaise Qatar Airwaves 2025. But in short, it will be called just Lyon again.

  4. Ajax, Basel, Lyon, and Schalke 04 were in trouble this season, but there is a good sign here. Ajax had recently reversed their fortunes under the new manager, while Lyon grabbed their first league win this season, though this didn't help them escape from the bottom place as Clermont had won their recent game at the same time.
    Also, you can include Union Berlin as well. After enjoying their maiden's appearances in 3 European competitions up until the Champions League this season, they somehow hit a rock bottom with the losing streaks in Bundesliga.

  5. I remember as a college student OL having secure reign on the domestic league for several years. They had a balanced squad with some quality players, and even after their 7-straight ended, they were a formidable squad to contend with (Govou, Juninho, Ederson, and others). But seeing OL on the bottom is quite the sight to see!

  6. Tifo-“what has gone wrong at Lyon”-
    Lyon are in danger. The seven time winner of the top football league in france are as of November 2023 dead last,it is an unthinkable decline for one of the country’s biggest clubs,so how on Earth did this happen. In September 2023 Lyon season should have reached its lowest point. Following a humiliating defeat at home to PSG,the team were called to face the club’s Ultras behing the goal and publicly berated for their performance,the footage went around the world, it was amusing for Rivals but humiliating for the players and for a club who were playing in a Champions League semi-final 3 years ago and were until recently the dominant force in French Football. In the 2000s Lyon won what is still a record seven consecutive Ligue 1 titles between 2001 and 2008 and their teams were built around some of the finest players in Europe.But 2008 was the last time that they won a title and in the 15 years since their league form has trended downwards they last finished as high as second in 2016 and haven’t even placed within the top four since 2019,and in the present day relegation is a possibility so what is going wrong well there is no Silver Bullet explanation rather a range of different influencing factors. When the corona virus pandemic hit European Football, Ligue 1 cancelled their season rather than attempting a restart, that cost the club somewhere approaching €40 million later in 2020 the collapse of the agreement between broadcaster media Pro and Ligue 1 had a devastating effect on French football, the deal was supposed to be worth €2.75 billion across four seasons.

  7. Common theme with this kind of thing seems to usually be American ownership. I think Chelsea have righted the ship a bit, but Todd Boehly still hasn't proven he can run a club like Abramovich was able to. Granted, he has not had that much time, so the jury is still out on him. However, I can think of other examples like Leeds, etc. I watched the Beckham documentary and listening to the American businessman who was able to bring him over was very indicative of why football never caught on in the States. I think a club needs to be run not solely based on financial considerations, and I think guys like Aulas or De Laurentiis of Napoli or Florentino are perfect for their club because the breathe a certain soul into the club, respecting the institution as a cultural mainstay and not just an investment. I hope Lyon can bring themselves back up, but I think this Textor guy is a real issue. It is an interesting contrast to me to point out the recent fortunes of Newcastle United under Saudi ownership and of course Manchester City is a constant reminder of successful ownership and a streamlined club vision. I think the reason football and the United States have never had a naturally harmonic relationship is due to the soul, passion, history that football in other places seems to be bleed and football is a sport that blooms away from commercialization, so I think American owners will have to submit themselves to that history and not just think about the business aspect if they wish to be successful. I think the Wrexham example is great. The owners are humble, attend the games, meet the locals, etc. and make decisions based on growing the club, not lining their pockets. I know this is not a uniquely American phenomena; plenty of non-American owners have been greedy leeches as well, but I think the United States needs to reconcile the fact that passion for the game and commercial interests do not come hand in hand and perhaps then this new wave of American ownership will have more success.

  8. Trans World Sport was my favourite Sunday morning cartoon as a boy. I'd wake up, scamper downstairs, and sit a few inches away from the TV just to see what Juninho, Wiltord, Govou and the boys had got up to that week.

  9. I remember at the start of the 2000's alot of people praising lyon, they where pretty much a model club, good mixture of academy players and internationals. Juninho, cris, sonny anderson some that come to mind first. But then enter the billionaires into the game and theyve pretty much ruined all competitions. Man city, psg, chelsea to name a few.
    Big clubs used to be built from the ground up, making them stable.

  10. The last statement from the new owner says it all. His view that he shouldnt have to adapt to foreign markets is a typical egotistical American attitude. Countless businesses have failed for not adapting to foreign markets

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