France vs. Germany: Is OVERCONFIDENCE France’s biggest weakness? | EURO 2020 | ESPN FC

ESPN’s Football Forecast brings in Julien Laurens to talk EURO 2020 favourites France and their upcoming game against Germany.

00:00 EURO 2020 Group F preview: France, Portugal, Germany and Hungary
02:20 Why Germany are struggling under Joachim Low
04:04 Are France being overhyped?
08:05 Do France have defensive issues with Lloris?
09:44 Predictions for France vs. Germany

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34 comentarios

  1. I can only hear the overconfidence when I’m listening to conferences of German players just before a game…
    Stop putting the blame on France when the rest of the world is hyping them and is more confident about their victory than their own selves

  2. France will Turn up cool and Calm while Germany will turn up tense because they want to Prove that They can infact beat France and thats gonna be their Downfall. One thing with France they know how to use small spaces create Big Chance. Something that Germany isn't that Good at they love to set Their players free where no one can catch them

  3. Nobody knows this "Julien Laurens" in France….. So, regarding we have heard not a single french player, manager or member of the staff proclaiming themselves as the favorites…. this discussion is pure bullshit !!! France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Spain, Netherlands are more or less all at the same level… The difference will be the experience, the bench and the fitness in the final rounds.

  4. The french team has/ had a tendency to switch off, when they are leading. I noticed that in the game against Argentina in 2018. They would take the lead, then become comfortable with it, till the opponent scored. Though, frankly they have enough quality to do that and still end up being the winners.

  5. I am aware of the insane quality of the France squad. But I watched the last friendlies, and I think they have horrible chemistry. France make Germany look dangerous, tbh. Portugal is a bit of both, more chemistry than France, more individual threat than Germany.

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