French police accused of brutality at chaotic Champions League final – BBC News

The French government has called an emergency meeting with football authorities and the police to examine what went wrong at the Champions League final in Paris between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Large crowds built up outside the Stade de France stadium, with the start of the game delayed for more than 30 minutes.

There were chaotic scenes before, during and after the match, with Liverpool fans accusing the police of brutal and intimidating tactics, including the use of tear gas.

The UK government said the images of what happened were “deeply concerning”, while the Mayor of Liverpool who was at the game described the conduct of the police as “completely unacceptable”.

The French authorities said the problems were caused because many Liverpool fans had turned up with fake tickets.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Dan Johnson in Paris.

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  2. Do that for football but can’t stop illegal migration on their beaches well done French you you’ve always failed the correct way of life and your not really functioning correctly why are we surprised with that lot across the Chanel so sorry your so close to us .

  3. This is an ETHNIC problème !!! In Seine Saint Denis the population is now majoritary no white : so the security stadium
    give for free to their brothers …the booked seats !!! And all WE know from France ans from UK the politicly correcness of our autorities … Thay made thé police with English fans instead if défend thèm vs migrants attack …was the same with Yellow vest (all white) thay were accused to made riots in down town during their protests (thay thé local !!!youth thay made thé riorts)

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