Shaka Hislop STILL NOT answering the Lionel Messi GOAT conversation! 🤯 | ESPN FC

On ESPN FC, Shaka Hislop is put in the hot seat to explain whether he is ready to call Lionel Messi the GOAT. Plus, Julien Laurens explains his emotions as a Frenchman watching Kylian Mbappe and company falter.
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29 comentarios

  1. He would never consider Messi as the GOAT. Messi have the wrong skin color. I've said all along. Pele is not the GOAT. With Shaka's own requirements Maradona should be the GOAT for him but he chose Pele. We all know why. Because of the skin color. There's no other logical explanation.

  2. 16 years.. 16 years and still going and performing at the highest level.. It's not a joke or something to be taken for granted. I do feel blessed to watch him play.. The memories Messi has imprinted in our lives with his style of play and most importantly his humble and discipline character and not to forget his philanthropic work makes him even more great. There was never a debate.. He was the GOAT even before he won the Copa and the World cup.. Messi is truly the People's Champion and after winning the Copa and the World Cup he has given hope to Millions around the globe..Thank you Messi for playing this beautiful game.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. No stupid excuses, your time is your time and your challenges. if you master to get the best out of it yes you are the greatest of all time. it doesn't matter what time you play and rules whatever. Up highs for Messi!.

  4. Shaka is a racist. I am from his country so I know my fellow countrymen. He doesn't want to accept that a caucasian is the greatest of all time in the greatest sport. In Trinidad 50% of the country is African and most of them for the longest period of time were die hard Brazil fans. All of a sudden this world cup we have French supporters from nowhere. Funny how that happened huh. So if shaka's comments seem irrational to most level minded people, I give you the answer, he is simply a racist.

  5. Messi is one of the Greatest but definitely not the greatest of all time. In fact it is precisely after this World Cup that he doesn’t deserve the title of THE GOAT. Happy for Messi winning the World Cup but not happy because this World Cup was a thrown penny towards him by FIFA. FIFA and these clowns at ESPN are just pitying Messi and want the poor guy to win the World Cup and be recognized as THE GOAT. Why pull strings just for that? It’s like these guys had no faith in Messi and had to pull strings to let him win. The amount of good TRP these clowns gave Messi is just outrageous. It’s been almost a month after the competition and yet these guys are still giving good TRP to Messi. You guys are pure Rubbish mates.

  6. I don’t understand why the opinion of one Shaka Hislop, on the greatness of Messi (or any other player, tbh) should be given such importance. What has Hislop achieved to be a judge for these players? I can understand people like Pele, Maradona or Zidane commenting on who they feel is the greatest- they have earned the right of opinion, through their achievements. But not Shaka Hislop! Just shut it and be thankful to have the privilege to watch such greats

  7. He despises the fact that he won everything. He cannot stand the fact that leo won everything. He cannot stand it. He is terrified. Leo won without running his mouth unlike some other players and now he is comsidered by every single one as the greatest. Even tho there are human beings who will not say it directly. THE GREATEST

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