France STUNNED by Switzerland! Frank Leboeuf fears for Didier Deschamps’ job | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Tim Howard and Frank Leboeuf join Kelly Cates to reflect on France’s shock exit from Euro 2020 at the hands of Switzerland, who advance to face Spain in the quarterfinals thanks to Yann Sommer’s save on Kylian Mbappe in the fifth round of penalties.

0:00 Leboeuf’s grim assessment of France.
0:42 Should Mbappe have taken the decisive penalty?
1:44 Switzerland’s extraordinary story.
2:18 Leboeuf predicts trouble ahead for France.
3:01 How Switzerland recovered from 3-1 down.

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  1. The thing with Switzerland is, they can play awesome and beat world class players like Spain and France, heck even Germany. But it all depends on the mentality. But what was very rare for SUI is to catch up a 3:1 and win a penalty in the 1/8 finals, and that against France. That's a first. If the Swiss have the courage, they actually have a chance to win now.

  2. France never managed to hit 2nd gear in this tournament. France played 20 minutes at their best in this match and scored 3 goals during this time. They looked unstoppable during these minutes. But the rest was very bad. You cant win if you dont find your rythme. Switzerland played with lots of heard and deserve it. Props to them

  3. De champs is an cocky idiot , remember when he tried to tell Barcelona how to play greizeman , well guess what he played the worse for France in that central role . It’s the individual . He is mediocre can’t even go in an one V one situation .

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