Breaking down France’s 1-0 win over Germany at Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

Frank Leboeuf, Jurgen Klinsmann, Don Hutchison, Craig Burley and Kasey Keller join Sebastian Salazar on ESPN FC for complete reaction to France’s 1-0 win over Germany on the first day of action in Group F at Euro 2020.

0:00 Leboeuf isn’t sure France deserved to win.
1:04 Klinsmann’s thoughts on Germany’s performance.
2:13 Did France vs. Germany live up to the hype after months of buildup?
3:45 Should Timo Werner start for Germany?
4:55 The glaring difference between France’s attacking trio and Germany’s.

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49 comentarios

  1. there will be more humiliation for Löw in the coming
    Reasons –
    1) If this team doesn't make it to the next round

    2) When Dr. Hansi Flick shows the world what actually the real potential and how big of a nightmare this team can be to the other teams in tournaments like this

    Löw needs to prepare himself mentally in order to be able to handle those humongous amount of pressure after Die Mannschaft crashes out of this tournament.

    Even if you give him a current team like Italy and France, this arrogant and ridiculously stupid cum stubborn Löw will destroy those teams and it's players self confidence.
    To be precise Jogi Löw is nothing aka a huge ZERO without Dr. Hansi Flick

  2. Let’s not discredit Germany’s game. They played very good soccer, but unfortunately they played against faster, stronger, and loads more talented. France knew their strength and also how tricky this group is. All France wanted was the three points. The goal average will be against Hungary.

  3. I don't see France winning after this. Don't get me wrong they were solid but that defense does has some flaws, and they're gonna play like that for the rest of the tournament. As soon as Germany spread out their play and started crossing the ball France had problems. But this is how France is gonna continue to play. Defend and hope for their strikers to score once or twice. Italy, Spain, England are gonna beat them if this is how they continue to play which it is unless they change manager right here and now.
    Germany for some reason plays like Bayern except they don't have a striker. They could really use a Klinsmann or Voeller in the box. Muller doesn't score goals by being striker but by sneaking in behind the striker. Sane, Werner Havertz and gamble on pace.

  4. Germany was not the better side. They played really horrible, the wings didn't even running to penetrate. Why should put Werner and Sane in the 70 while we needed them from the 50. Muller should be positioned in the penalty box instead had to run to take the ball (because he is very good at positioning, not sprinting). Kroos never ever tried to run and penetrate the ball in to open the space, Havertz is lazy af. Imagine putting Gnabry in the CF, what on earth. Lucky France didn't play aggressive, otherwise it could be the worst day ever in Munich.

  5. So let me get this straight: France beat Germany(who attacked all game) with an own goal and all these pundits talk about how great they are… meanwhile Portugal played a parked bus, scored 3 including a lucky deflection, a pk and a 33 touch goal but were fortunate? The France bandwagon has infinite space I guess…

  6. “Germany is going to improve “, yeah, so will Portugal and they won’t have the pressure as a draw will see them through. Hungary can do what they did to Portugal and put ten men behind the ball and Germany didn’t show they have the attacking solutions Portugal did. I won’t be surprised if Portugal beats them and I think they. Will.

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