England vs. France: The FULL PREVIEW! Lineups, predictions & more | ESPN FC

ESPN’s Football Forecast team break down the huge World Cup quarterfinal clash between England and France. The team talk Gareth Southgate’s tactics, stopping Kylian Mbappe and which team are actually the favourites.

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  1. i cant believe dude brought up the 2002 game vs brazil…i was THERE in Shizuoka Japan live and it broke my 12yr old heart lol (i made the same comp tbh cuz we also beat denmark in the round of 16 by a score of 3-0 just like we did with Senegal so i really hope we dont lose this one 2-1 on a flukey free kick too!

  2. Dont know who this lady is but she sure does spout some nonsense…. England have experience of consistently reaching semi finals and finals of big tournaments? Really??

    Since 1966 England have reached 2 semi finals in the World Cup, 1 in the Euros in 1996 and 1 final in the Euros in 2020

    4 semi finals and 1 final in 56 years! Nearly 20 tournaments and this is consistent? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. It's a mental battle that England can lose as they so desperate to win something. It's not about ability, togetherness or tactics…it's mental strength under pressure. I predict a 1-1 after England leading. But that's when the mental battle starts and hope I'm wrong but I think I then know how it will end unfortunately

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