‘GO FOR IT!’ Why England should take the game to France & Kylian Mbappe | ESPN FC Daily

The ESPN FC Daily team look ahead to a mouthwatering World Cup quarterfinal between England and France, while Bukayo Saka responds to comparisons between himself and Kylian Mbappe.

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40 comentarios

  1. I'd be dissapointed if the whole game is full in defence and we got u olayed like against Italy. This team can do better than that kind of gameplan. Best of luck to England. It is an opportunity to shine more than a worry.

  2. England have a great record against France. Played 31 times and won 17. France have won 9. I expect England to win a tight game. France may have Mbappe, but England has Kane, Foden, Saka, Bellingham, Grealish, Maddison, Rashford, Mount, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Gallagher and Callum Wilson. That's too much for France to keep quiet for 90 minutes, especially as some will most certainly be subs facing tired French legs.

  3. I agree with commentator on the right except for one thing: he is underestimating Griezman and Rabiot considerably. Because Kante and Pogba are not there, English supporters are making the mistake of underestimating French mid field. If the team concentrates too much on countering Mbappe, then Griezman , Rabiot, Giroud or even Dembele (not as regular but a really good explosive player at times) will score. Hernandez and Tchouaméni also undestimated. French defense is weak, but the offense is not all about Mbappe who is served by a good team; if he weren't, he would not be able to score the way he does.
    The French team is jittery about defending the title (always a very difficult thing to do) but the ones that really won the title are very solid mentally (Griezman, Giroud, Mbappe) and the others have something to prove which is usually a better place to be. England are excellent challengers and won't get rattled easily I think, but they must not underestimate the French team spirit by being too star struck by Mbappe. The French press does not at all underestimate England and actually doesn't understand why they are favorites perceiving the English team as very hard to beat (and France has lost to England more than won in the past). Mbappe being the monster he is, is really looking forward to playing against such a good team as England. An amazing match that i wouldn't miss for anything in the world.

  4. Do people really think France will go 4-2-3-1 with just Tchouameni and Rabiot in midfield? Seems unlikely for such a huge game. Midfield is key in these games. He might drop Dembele or Giroud and play Camavinga. Especially as England will likely play with 3 CMs.

  5. This game will be tough. I don't think england can beat france in my opinión but who Knows. I think mbappe will cause so much problem for them. We are talking about mbappe you have forgotten even griezman , dembele and players like ngolo kante can cause problem for england if he is in the right form. Well, anybody that wins out of the two countries is okay by me.

  6. It’ll be a cracker. I’m confident in France winning it. But I do think England will be tough to beat. However, what I’m most looking forward is to see the Goat, Harry Maguire facing Bappe, Dembele, Grizou, Giroud and the likes. Salivating actually! 😋😋😋😜😎🤣

  7. If they beat France and after that even if they don’t win the world cup then I can take them seriously, we seen them all the times, passing normal teams yes winning but not controlling the game. Saturday game will be game of the midfield and playing with confidence because both teams have a similar players maybe France better, players with blistering speed who can hurt in the break. As we now, Southgate will try to play it safe and sit back and my man Maguire in the there will do wonders, looking forward for it really tho Saturday.

  8. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Mbappe was played through on goal multiple times by wonderful Pogba-esque raking passes from a dogged Atleti vintage Griezman… To no avail.
    Miss after miss.
    Save after save.
    And then at 97mins… An England corner.
    Enter. Lord Maguire.

    It would be the funniest and most unjust thing to happen. Which means it's likely.
    I'm putting a tenner on it.

  9. France 🇫🇷 has no worries facing England to many star players been over the course, there putting young Bellingham under pressure already to do well , just like they did sako in the euros , for me France 🇫🇷

  10. In this battle between the colonial masters of Africa; England's only chance is to be pragmatic. France has way too much experience, speed and technique for England. Any counter attacks against England would be too dangerous. England have to play it deep, try to counter with Saka and Foden as well as target set pieces. Corners and freekicks. That's their one shot

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